Be Made Known

Hearing from you is one the best parts of what we do. It’s a new opportunity to tell a unique story. Send us an email at and let us know the kind of video you’d like to make. No need for a lot of detail, just some words to help us get it.

Once we have a good sense of what you’re looking for, we go through a fun process of gathering the magic in your product or story. That’s right, we’ll be growing something big together. During this process, we’ll talk with you and get to the heart of it all, why you’re thrilled to share the story or product with the world, and who this video is intended for.

With ideas as our guide, we’ll write out the concept.

Depending on the complexity of the concept, the whole process, from idea to finished video can take approximately from two weeks to three months.


You have a story. Whether the story of your organization or the personal story of someone you serve. It is unique, unlike any other story. With mentorship from academy award winners and nominees, we have developed dozens of concepts.


We have filmed on five continents in six languages and we welcome challenges of no electricity and tough terrain. Working in many different places, we are determined to capture the moments and scenes that make up your narrative.

Post Production

Translation, editing, graphic motion, animation, graphic design, and special effects. We use whatever means necessary (and within your budget) to tell the best story. Call us for a meeting and we’ll give you our take on your story.

How much will this cost?

Price depends heavily on things like how long it will take us to film, how many actors are needed, and how
much editing and post production is required. We are involved in everything from beginning to end.