Can you tell a meaningful story in VR?

We partnered with LWR to tell the stories of coffee farmers in Kenya in VR. These farmers are using drought-resistant farming to combat climate change’s devastating effects on their crops. While VR certainly presents challenges to storytelling like […]

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Side Chef Commercial

Commercials For Smartphone Apps

Here at Made Known we believe smartphone apps need commercials too! That’s why we were delighted to write, cast, edit and shoot this great little commercial for SideChef- a step by step cooking guidance app. Sure their salesman Sam’s tactics […]

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What We Do at Made Known

If you’re wondering what we do at Made Known Pictures, you have to see this video. This is the ‘why?’ behind our work. These images were produced around the world with incredible collaborators and stellar clients. Drop us […]

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Stone + Cloth Kickstarter

In need of a Kickstarter video?

Check out our Kickstarter video for the wonderful people at STONE + CLOTH. Every bag sold gives 25 hours of classroom learning to students. The Summit Collection is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter and… they’ve already hit their funding goal […]

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#Throwback Thursday: Peru

We often wonder how Daisy is doing— a little girl from a potato farmer family in the snow-capped Peruvian Andes. One of the most magical projects we’ve worked on complete with lots and lots of llamas!

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Born a Dalit

#Throwback Thursday: India

This #throwbackthursday we travel back in time to one of our first projects about a man in rural India persecuted for being the lowest caste. “Power is of two kinds. One is obtained by the fear of punishment […]

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Filming Bands

We love working with bands!

We’ve teamed up with Republic Music to produce some great live recordings of bands from all over the world— here some of our favorites of late: From California, Carly Escoto and the Risen Family Band From North Carolina, […]

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